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Who Made Bank on Prime Day?

Prime Day kicked off last week offering huge discounts to Prime customers and big sales numbers for Amazon sellers. Third-party sellers made up of small and medium-sized businesses gained record sales numbers last week. According to Amazon customers spend over $1.9 billion on more than 70 million products just from third-party sellers. When compared to last year's numbers, small third-party sellers saw more than a 100% year-over-year sales increase. Even with the complications from the pandemic last year and this year third-party sellers seem to have overcome those adversities.

We suspect this is because third-parties and smaller sellers have worked harder and smarter than their big Amazon competitors who could depend on the extra advertising budgets. Prime customers likely responded to the listings who had the most effort put into them. Descriptive titles, bullets, descriptions, high-quality imagery that is also informative, videos, and A+ Content. All of this extra work makes your brand look more reliable and makes customers confident that they know what they are buying. Combine these polished listings with ads created with well-researched keywords and even small sellers can rise to the occasion and become successful.

We sure hope that all sellers who read our blog articles took our advice on how to get ready for Prime Day. We believe in putting all our efforts into every listing for each brand we partner with and we believe that others should as well. E-commerce is going to continue to grow and more and more sellers are going to join the game as the years move on. The only way to keep your head in this game is to continue putting extra efforts in and stay steps ahead of the competition with research and strategy. We hope to see third-parties and small sellers do just as well during next year's Prime Day.

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