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Product optimization

The white glove service, the works, the whole shebang. Whatever you want to call it- we are experts at optimizing listings. From photography to professional copywriting and videography, we want your products to look their best. Not only are customers more likely to purchase a product on a listing that provides multiple views, lifestyle shots, detailed descriptions and a video- but the integrity of your brand is also preserved when you are represented in the best way possible.


There's no denying that photos can make or break a listing. With white background and lifestyle studios, a 360- degree high quality image booth and the ability to work on location- we are able to highlight each feature on a product and deliver consistent quality photos.

Videos bring a product to life, and give the online consumer the same experience they would expect to receive in a retail store. We use stop motion,time lapse,motion graphics, live models and more, to exhibit your product in action.

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Whether you notice or not, advertisements are all around you, at all times. Simply existing on the Amazon platform is sometimes not enough to be actually found on the Amazon platform.

Lifetime Advertising Metrics as of January 2023

Our Spend on Advertising since 2012:



Our total Sales from Advertising since 2012:


 Carefully planned ad campaigns allow your products to be seen before the thousands of other listings you compete with. By aggressively promoting your products, we are able to feature your listings above the others, even when your product is newer, less known, or doesn’t appear high on organic search results.

Left: A headline search ad for Portmeirion shows when searching the brand on Amazon mobile. When a customer clicks the brand name, they will be directed to the Brand Store.

Brand Stores are a way to categorize your products into collections. When a customer is viewing one of your listings, they can click your brand name and will be directed to your Brand Store. From there, they will find things like lifestyle images, videos, shoppable images, and of course, your products.


Slide 1: Video Ads are a way to show the customer a video of one specific product when they search on Amazon without having to click on it. This is a way to quickly grab the customer's attention, leading to an increase in sales.



Creating and uploading the content to Amazon is only a fraction of what we do to manage your brands. We like to call Amazon the “Wild West”- and what we mean when we say this is that it’s truly a platform where anything can happen at any time. We work directly with Amazon seller support to resolve any issues, from a title that has been changed by a rogue seller, to images showing a completely wrong product, our team will not stop working until the issue is resolved. In addition to case support, we coordinate with Amazon on customer interactions. We answer all customer questions and handle any returns or concerns from the customers right in-house. We monitor return rates daily, to ensure that things are being sent and delivered in a way that guarantees customer satisfaction.


Screenshots of our proprietary software system where we upload our titles, description, bullet points, and images. All of this content will get pushed to seller central every night at 9:00 pm to ensure that our work is always uploaded to the listing. This same software system will show you live sales of each product, inventory cost, quantity on order,  when we receive the items, when they are shipped to Amazon, and more.

Below: The Amazon listing showing our photos, bullet points, and title. Our monthly "brand review" will catch any content that has fallen off of the listing, and we will make cases with Amazon seller support until the information is showing again.


Logistic capabilities

We pack and ship all products in house in accordance with the Amazon guidelines so you have one less thing to worry about. With eight state-of-the-art warehouses and 52 full time employees- we are able to fulfill orders on Amazon, eBay. Google and Walmart. By eliminating the “middle man” we cut costs, and can closely monitor the way every product leaves our warehouse.


Our high-volume industrial center ships about 350,000 units and 300 pallets per month. We use FBA friendly labeling systems to ensure all products are accurately identifiable. We are able to ship FBA, FBM, and seller fulfilled Prime.

Amazon often updates shipping policies and requirements, at Avalanche we are prepared to adapt and overcome any changes thrown our way. 


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