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What Shoppable Imagery Can Do for You

Are you utilizing every tool in your Amazon brand store toolbox? We know we do here at Avalanche Industries. Whenever Amazon comes out with something new we pounce on the opportunity to see how it can affect our store sales. It may be a year old now, but ever since Amazon added this fabulous widget to stores we just had to use it in every store. We’re talking about Shoppable Images. These images are more than meets the eye, unlike static imagery customers who visit your store can engage with the image. They can hover over the item they are interested in and see the product’s name, price, star rating, and whether it is Prime eligible.

If the customer is satisfied with what they are looking at and feels no need to look further at the listing they can simply add the product to their cart right then and there. Having great lifestyle imagery of your products really comes in handy with this tool. Creating beautiful settings to place your product in just makes your product look all that more appealing. In one shoppable image, you can add six product highlights. Try to get a decent image that isn’t too cluttered or too sparse. It should have the perfect amount, without trying to throw everything and the kitchen sink in there. Always make sure your composition of items is solid, nothing too close together, and make sure to place your highlight points in the precise spots. Oh, and don’t forget that mobile optimization!

Another thing that is great for sellers and customers alike is that when they look at these shoppable images they can see how an item can look in a real environment. Another plus is avoiding the nuisance of trying to find the product you love in the photo you saw. It’s all just right there. Though, all that talk isn’t hard data. I’m sure most are interested in actual stats on sales when you implement these shoppable images. From Amazon’s internal data on average stores with shoppable imagery have 21% more repeat visitors and 35% higher attributed sales per visitor. For every store, we create and update we add some sort of shoppable imagery on each page of every brand store. We like to use it to highlight a brand’s signature products or brand new items. If you have more questions on shoppable imagery, brand stores, or us, you should definitely contact us. If your brand is looking for a way to get on Amazon we can help you with that as well. We never give up on our brands, and we won’t give up on you!

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