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It’s Time for You to Go Amazon Live

Amazon is constantly adding new tools to aid in marketing and promoting products to new audiences. Amazon Live has been out since 2019, but most sellers probably don’t take advantage of its usefulness. It allows the seller to live stream videos right to Amazon’s homepage and product listings. All of this content is available to Amazon customers by selecting the “Livestreams” tab in the menu below the search bar. In the videos, sellers can go over a select set of products and demonstrate their uses, features, and benefits. An invaluable asset to sellers, as customers lose a huge chunk of the shopping experience when only given a photo and text description. Eliminate the ambiguity for customers and explore what can be done with Amazon Live.

How It Works

The first question is whether or not one is qualified to use the Live features or not. Any seller that is registered in Brand Registry is eligible to start using the free live service. Once ready to start creating, download the Amazon Live Creator app (iOS only) and link a seller account. Choose a brand to promote and a list of products from that brand that will be featured in the live stream. Always have an outline or script planned on topics or product features that will be gone over in the stream. Being organized and prepared will result in a live performance that is informative and entertaining, instead of a confusing mess that includes a lot of “ums” and dead air. Don’t forget to practice.

The Perks of Streaming

There are many benefits when it comes to streaming products live to an audience, this is not including that it is totally free and that sellers can go live at any time they choose. These extra perks can include:


The biggest and most obvious one is the ability to get more new eyes on products or brands.


Customers can discover new brands and products as well as interact with the person featuring them live. A live chat runs during streaming so potential customers can ask questions and get real-time answers from the streamer.

Live Deals

Live-only promotions can also be offered to these watching customers if they are still on the fence about purchasing or not. Promoting special deals that only run for the duration of the stream or discounts awarded to newly joining customers. This will encourage people to follow your brand (notifying them when a live stream starts) on Amazon Live and come back for future streams.

More Visibility

When live, the stream will appear on the product listings that are being promoted through the stream. They will show up right below the product images. This is a fantastic way to extend extra information to potential buyers. They have already discovered the product, but now they would like to learn more about them, so they can look at the live stream.


Through the Live app, analytics can be viewed, these include sales, followers, views, clicks, how many total live streams, and how many total minutes streamed. Using this the streamer can see just how many sales were a result of their live stream.

If you are not sure how to start using Amazon Live and want to look into advertising your products and brand this way, contact us at Avalanche. We do work to optimize listings, advertise, and much more for our key partnered brands.

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