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Clothes, Models, and Amazon

Does your brand sell a lot of clothing items on Amazon? If you do, do you put a lot of thought into how you display your items to your potential customers? Is it just shown how you might find it on a store shelf or rack? Is it modeled on a mannequin or an actual person? Can you see how the model really looks all over or is it cropped?

These are actually extremely important questions you should be considering, especially if you want to get your brand's identity across to the world. Customers not only prefer to see clothes modeled on actual people, but people prefer a range of different models. Showing off your clothing on models with different body types, ethnicities, skin colors, hair colors or textures, and ages is an amazing way to connect with a large customer base and improve the overall shopping experience. It is great to feature different demographics modeling your clothes because a lot of the time there isn't much variety in clothing models on Amazon. Unless something is advertised as "plus-sized" you often won't see a bigger model in clothes. It can make it difficult for some people to make a purchase. Since there is no way for them to actually see themselves in the outfit, adding a variety of models in the listing's images or A+ Content can be a great way to aid unsure shoppers. Another way to get more clicks on your listings is to use images of your clothes modeled as your main image to attract the eye. Just as long as these main images follow the Amazon style guidelines.

We know that this practice will often create more work and take longer to produce, but in our opinion, it is quite worth it based on the positive feedback given by shoppers. It could lead to fewer returns and fewer people clicking off without buying. It will enhance your brand's voice and should be used on listings, A+ Content, Brand Stores, Amazon Posts, or anywhere where you feature your products.

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