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Best Practices for A+ Content

We've discussed A+ Content and its importance in our articles before. We often vouch for its importance and remind people that it is a service we offer to our partners. Though, while we read about how much it can aid a product listing, we often see a lot of listings lacking it. When we do see it on listings, most of it can be lackluster and uninspired. If you are intent on selling your brand on Amazon then you should be following these best practices for A+ Content.

Create A Layout

Always plan a layout for your A+ Content before you start creating it, you can always see what modules Amazon offers you and what you can do with each one. Create a quick outline for what you want to say and how you want to say it. Look at the product reviews and product questions to see what information is still missing about your product on the listing. It may already be there in the bullet points or title, but you always want to hit on info or features more than once on a listing.

Show Don't Tell

When creating A+ Content, avoid being too wordy. It is important to explain who you are as a brand or the product's features, but you can use great imagery to tell a story. Highlight features with strong photos and don't be too long-winded when going over product features. Get the info across with minimal text. You want to make it exciting! Create graphics that are eye-catching and pleasing so that the customer is captivated and retains the info being displayed. Nobody wants to read content that is difficult to understand, so be creative and make it eye candy for customers.

Be Better and More Reliable

Highlight why you are better than competitive brands. Explain why you are unique and highlight that in your A+ Content. Tell customers exactly why they should choose you instead of other brands. What can you do for them exactly that beats out the competition? Be careful when doing this, make sure to not call out particular brands as Amazon prohibits this practice.

A promising A+ strategy is showing off the safety and reliability stats pertaining to your product and brand. Using this space to share your product’s dependability in comparison to its competition further differentiates your products. Amazon has a glut of similar products so having that A+ Content can make your brand look more legitimate and professional.

Comparison Charts

We believe you should always have a comparison chart included in your A+ Content. Highlighting the differences between products helps consumers better understand what each product offers. This prepares shoppers to make more informed purchasing decisions. This leads to better reviews, fewer returns, and happier customers. Another plus to these charts is the ability to show off other products that they may be interested in. These may be products that complimentary to the one the consumer is already viewing or products from your other lines.

As Amazon adds more and more sellers each year you will need to find a way to stand apart from the other brands out there. A+ Content is something that is easy to take advantage of and is extremely benificial. If you are eligible to create A+ Content do so, as it is totally free and will only add legitimacy to your listing.

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