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Avalanche on Faire

At Avalanche Industries the main bulk of our work is partnering with brands that want to sell their products online. We make their product listings look top-notch, create advertisements, create brand stores, make social media posts, and all other kinds of things to achieve sales goals. This is not all Avalanche does, however. We have created some of our own brands to sell online as well. We sell, market, and advertise them online just like our partnered brands. We have 4 in total as of the time of writing.


Our Brands

Sleds in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Our sled brand picked up huge popularity last winter on Amazon and through wholesale.

STEM-based learning toys for toddlers. Selling colorful sets that are great for building, learning to count, spelling, and much more.

A new brand we just created late last year. Grove sells specifically wooden-made toys for infants-toddlers.

This is the most recent brand we created. It is still in early development at this time. It will be a line of fun and quirky Christmas ornaments.


Today we are focusing on talking about Think Fast Toys because recently we have launched them on Faire. Faire is an online wholesale marketplace that aids brands in selling their products and helps retailers find amazing new products to carry in their stores. We applied to have our products featured and were accepted. Then all we needed to do was send our existing linesheet and photography for our Think Fast Toy brand and they created the catalog page for us. On our catalog page, you can look at all of the products we offer and read our brand’s story. We launched our Faire catalog on March 19th of this year and we received our first order the next day!

Faire is disrupting traditional practices on how brands get into smaller mom & pop shops. It is essentially cutting out territory reps. They are connecting brands directly to the thousands of these shops all over the country. Any store can log into Faire and place an order directly with any brand. Avalanche has listed its own brands on Faire as a way to get into more retail stores. More importantly, we are utilizing Faire to search and find new brands that we can retail.

We look forward to the future with our brands and hope to sell more wholesale and individually on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Feel free to check out our Faire catalog if you are interested. Sign up for our weekly email blasts to get e-commerce updates, advice, and any Avalanche news! A free white paper on our advertising strategies is available when you subscribe. Also, contact us if you are interested in selling your brand online!

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