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Are You Primed for Prime Day?

Amazon recently announced the dates for their biggest sales event of the year, Prime Day. It will be starting June 21st at midnight PDT (3 a.m. EDT) and runs through June 22nd. It will feature major savings and deals in almost every category Amazon has to offer, as well as new product launches. Prime members will have access to over 2 million deals around the world throughout the two-day epic deals event, including on top fashion, home, beauty products, toys, sporting goods, pet supplies, electronics, and more!

Is your business prepared for the upcoming Prime Day event? Here we will list some things that should be done so you are absolutely primed for this epic sales event.

Optimize Products You're Pushing for Prime Day

An obvious step is to optimize your product listings. We're sure that you've already covered this, but in case you haven't this is a good reminder. Take advantage of every detail you can edit - title, bullet points, description, images, A+ content, backend keywords, the works. Remember, you want to reflect the product, not the Prime offer, as you are selling the product, not just the deal. Mentioning Prime Day deals in any of these details also goes against Amazon's terms of service.

Run Those Ads

After product listing optimization, make sure you have those ads running. Now, this is the time where you cannot just set your ads and keywords and forget about them as Prime Day moves along. You need to keep your eye on them to make sure you know exactly what is and isn't working. We also suggest not bidding on keywords like "prime day" as the competition around words like those will be fierce and you will likely lose a lot of money on ad spend. Don't forget to take advantage of off-Amazon promotion! If you have social media or email blasts for your brand, make sure to inform your followers of the upcoming Prime Day deals you'll be offering.

Sales and Coupons

Running a sale price is great if you missed the deadline or didn't get approved for Lightning deals. You can always offer a sale price on a listing, even when coupons have been disabled like they were in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Though, as of May 12th functionality of coupons open back up for sellers. Adding a coupon to your listing shows potential buyers that you have a sale. They are able to save money by choosing your product over a competitor’s.

After all of the hecticness and changes that came with COVID we hope this upcoming Prime Day will be smoother than all of the things we've had to deal with in the past year. Though, we know that we can never get complacent with how we function day to day as changes can always occur. We always implore sellers and business owners to stay creative and try new things even when their practices yield favorable results because you never know when something crazy will come up and change how everything needs to be done. We hope that you are prepped for Prime Day, we also hope that some of these tips gave you some ideas on how to be successful on the biggest sales event of the year.

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