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Amazon's Search Result Fumble

Last week some Amazon sellers may have noticed a strange trend in their product's organic ranks. If your product was a regular at the top of the organic search results, it may have disappeared. The coveted spot at the top of the search results was taken from a lot of items in the past week. They were buried into the deeper pages of the search results. This resulted in sales for these items plummeting as their visibility drastically declined. On the flip side of this situation, listings that you may usually find lower on the list were getting the all-star treatment. Since the top spots weren't taken up by the usual products these other products took the spotlight. It was an interesting situation, to say the least.

Sellers who noticed the change speculated on what the cause could be. Some thought that Amazon may be trying to punish sellers who were generating fake reviews, while others thought they may have secretly changed how the ranking algorithm functioned. Though, according to Amazon, it is an error that is already being worked on. They stated, "We are aware some customers are having issues with search results. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible."

A lot of sellers have noticed things slowly returning to normal, while others have still found that their dear products are still suffering buried in the search results. People were still reporting errors on Tuesday. Amazon has also not come out with a statement saying whether the issue has been fully fixed or not. We've noticed some of our items moving around on the top search page. Our main solution to this issue is to keep track of our top product's organic ranks and following keyword trends. Work is never done for any products and we are always keeping an eye on rising or falling keyword trends.

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