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Amazon's New Brand Referral Bonus Program

Amazon is providing you with even more motivation to increase your external traffic. Amazon announced the debut of a new Brand Referral Bonus Program on July 15th. The service, which is only available to Brand Registry members, incentivizes merchants to develop their businesses faster through referral traffic. Not only will registered sellers profit from outside-of-Amazon promotions, but they will also be able to make even more money from these transactions. According to Amazon, registered brands can earn a 10% bonus on qualifying purchases on average. The bonus rate varies by product category, with minor variations such as shipping and gift wrapping fees.

If you haven't already, register for the program and then Amazon Attribution before starting to ramp up your marketing efforts. Once you've signed up for the bonus program, traffic from earlier tags will still count toward your bonus. You can use Amazon Attribution to establish tags that will track your performance and bonus once you've completed certain tasks. Traffic will not be counted as qualifying credits toward your incentive if Amazon Attribution tags are not included. As you begin to notice sales as a result of your external marketing efforts, you'll be able to see and track your bonus amount on the seller account's Transaction Details page. Sellers will have to wait two months before they can access the perks so Amazon can account for order cancellations and customer returns properly.

Overall, this Brand Referral Bonus Program offers a fantastic opportunity to grow your company. Sellers who take advantage of this program will see faster growth while saving money and increasing the efficiency of their marketing activities outside of Amazon. Amazon sellers should keep external traffic in mind at all times, especially as the cost of advertising on Amazon continues to rise. It's a no-brainer to prioritize traffic when you have the chance to generate money by implementing techniques that are already profitable in terms of generating sales and improving rank.

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