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Amazon's Best Seller Badge and How to Get It

What's the greatest method to stand out amid Amazon's hundreds of thousands of items? The coveted best-seller badge. It allows customers to quickly see what's trending in the category in which they're purchasing, browsing, or searching. As a seller, having a best-selling product can help you achieve long-term success on Amazon.

What Makes a Best Seller

The criteria of a bestseller, according to Amazon, is simple: "Our most popular products based on sales." Every category on Amazon includes a list of top-selling products underneath it, from a top-level browse node like Pet Care to a more detailed category like Dog Treats. As of the most recent update, being #1 in a category or subcategory indicates that the item has sold more than any other in that marketplace. This item receives a best-selling badge, which appears in search and browse results.

Check Your Rank

Do you want to know where your products stand in your category? On any detail page, it's simple to see where a product ranks. Simply scroll down to the item details to discover your position in all relevant categories. The best sellers on Amazon are updated “hourly.” This certification allows products to be featured prominently on category pages, detail pages, navigation, and other areas of the site. This indicates that merchants competing in any category can earn this badge at any hour of the day, on any Amazon site.

Only sales data is used to determine who gets the best-selling badge. The Amazon's Choice award is determined by a number of factors, including sales velocity, keyword ranking, availability, pricing, and product reviews, among other things.

Best Ways to Earn Your Badge

There is no way to ensure you are the best seller in your category because nothing except sales can alter your chances. To improve sales, you can run aggressive Amazon advertising or design a major discounting promotion or coupon/voucher, but results will change, and nothing will maintain you in a specific ranking place indefinitely. What you can do is play Amazon's game correctly in order to generate substantial, long-term sales. We offer a variety of services to assist with this as a full-service agency specializing in Amazon. Everything that can affect your retail preparedness should be addressed. This includes the following:

- Updating and optimizing your listings using an SEO-based strategy can ensure that they rank higher organically and, as a result, sell more.

- You'll have the best chance of success if you classify your goods in the relevant browsing nodes. It is crucial to list your products appropriately in the browsing tree and to dive as deep as possible.

If you offer dog food pouches, for example, you should place them under the Dog Food Pouches category rather than Pet Supplies. Pet Supplies, of course, will be a far broader and more competitive market in which to reach best-seller status. Along with this, it's critical not to be misleading. Don't put your product in the wrong category because it's smaller and less competitive. This may improve your sales initially, but it will cost you in the long run. Using black hat techniques is never a good idea.

- Advertising can help you improve sales and build a loyal consumer base. Customers will be drawn to your brand and all of your products if you use Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands, especially if they are directed to your Brand Store. You may then use Amazon Posts and other programs to target these people and ask them to submit reviews. Increasing your review count will inspire more people to buy your products, turning surfers into consumers and improving your rating.

Simple efforts such as listing optimization and maintaining a well-managed account will boost your conversions, client loyalty, and overall rating. You have a chance to take over the number one slot and get the Best Sellers badge once your sales reach a steady sales ranking.

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