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Amazon Flammables an Update

This past week, we at Avalanche got hit with some news. Amazon FBA's Hazmat team contacted us with some new limitations. It is never a fun time when you get contacted about new limits or restricting rules, but we were ready for whatever they had for us. They informed us that they are reducing capacity for products that fall under the flammable hazmat category. Just how large was this reduction? Well, they sure hit us with a bombshell. They reduced it down from 1960 cubic feet to 269 cubic feet, which was being enacted immediately. That is an 86% cut to capacity!

We were wondering why this change was occurring out of the blue. They informed us that due to COVID-19 and the pandemic more and more selling partners have been requesting to use flammable storage. As a result, they want other sellers who have a lot already stored to store fewer items. They are contacting accounts, like ours, that utilize a high percentage of flammable product capacity specifically.

Due to this inconvenience, they are waiving fees for April and May so there is time to sell/move the products. They are also looking for ways to provide free unit removal promotions to affected accounts.

We were chosen because we have flammable on-hand products that go beyond 100 cubic feet, so we're sure other sellers with similar capacities are dealing with this new issue. Even though this is an inconvenience to us and some brands we sell for we have already been looking into solutions. We haven't slowed down because of an unforeseen setback. Anything like this is just an opportunity to be even better. Though, if you are a seller who is facing this issue and are not sure what to do about this issue logistically, we urge you to contact us. Also, subscribing to our weekly email for more Amazon/e-commerce updates, news, and advice never hurts either.

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